Are you an entrepreneur doing business in Africa?

Lets bring entrepreneurship in motion

  • Are you about to start an African branch or project and in need of someone who can assist you locally? (Set up your local company or project, act as your local contact, find local partners?)
  • Do you need help with market research? (fact-finding, feasibility studies) or support with business development?
  • Do you want someone to critically take a look at your plan or concept and make sure that it will work in the long run? 
  • Are you looking for the right local partners and/or means? Or in search of an excellent partnership manager to set-up and manage your international partnerships?
  • Are you looking for assistance with the practical implementation of your project?
  • Do you need extra funding for your projects or are you looking for an investor?
  • Or do you want Global Projects to tell your Global Story (write an interview or make a movie about your project?)

In all cases, you can turn to Global Projects.  The company provides advice in the realization of your project, assists with business and concept development and/or can set-up and manage your projects & partnerships in Africa. Global Projects brings you in contact with sustainable partners and funds or investors and delivers consultancy services like market research (fact-finding & feasibility studies) and is experienced in video shooting and editing.


I can support you with:

Business Development

Funding & Investment Advice

Global Project can bring you in contact with sustainable partners and funds or investors. I have an extensive international and local network and can connect you with the right partners. 

Project Management & Coordination

Voluntary Coaching & Support

Global Projects also serves as a volunteer business coach. I am a PUM expert business support & incubation. PUM is a network of senior Dutch experts working on voluntary basis throughout the world as consultant. I am connected to the Incubator initiative of PUM whereby the main focus is to reduce youth employment. We help start-up clusters to set-up an Incubator, to run an incubator and we help start-ups to become established companies. I did local and remote (online) coaching missions in Kenya (2019), Ethiopia (2020) and Indonesia (2021).

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Brings entrepreneurship in Africa in motion